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I Love Wednesday's at Lima Lounge

Music Format:
MAIN FLOOR:Hip Hop, Top40, Dance, Mashups
DJ Jose Rodriguez

Free Admission All Night Long (No Pass Required)

Heated Open Air Patio All Year Round

Panorama Productions and DcClubbing.com present: I love Wednesdays at Lima: What better way to find a midweek release, than to venture out to DC’s finest nightclub and lounge. Newly remodeled and expanded, LIMA, a three-tier destination lounge and nightclub, with a spacious patio open year round, represents the crème de la crème of DC Clubbing. Featuring a new 40 ft bar, LCD projectors and a state of the art sound system, I Love Wednesdays at Lima, sets the standard for all DC Clubs by offering a unique atmosphere to let loose and enjoy the DC nightlife experience.

LIMA Lounge & Restaurant – 21 & Over
1401 K Street NW, Washington DC 20005
For More Information: 202-271-1171

Hosted by the leader in DC Nightlife , Panorama Productions I Love Wednesdays at Lima  

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Reader Comments (10)

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December 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertomg

FUCK YOU LIMA LOUNGE. fuckin pieces of shit. me and my friends took a cab all the way to washington from bethesda, MD and paid for a cab, only to find out that we couldn't get in because we weren't dressed "nice" enough. we were wearing fucking button up shirts and dress shoes. Last time I checked that was within the dress code. so FUCK YOU. were telling everybody we know not to go to your dumbass club. have fun losing customers assholes.

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